Return of Espion Games


Things have been pretty quiet here for far too long. There are many reasons why it was necessary, but luckily Espion Games is now able to restart development. More updates will be forthcoming, so please stay tuned!

I wasn’t able to talk about why Espion Games appeared to fizzle out. Honestly, it was entirely because I couldn’t talk about Espion Games at all. Due to external concerns, I wasn’t even able to claim my work as my own. This was heartbreaking for me, and kept me from even quietly pursuing this. So why now? Why is this suddenly back, a thing again? Two reasons, each of them enough to get me back:


The thing that prevented me from claiming my work as my work is no longer a thing. I received some great news about this a couple weeks back, right when I was thinking all hope was lost. I get to own my work now, and that’s a big deal.


The last month has been pretty wretched, overall. There were a couple of bright spots in August (see point #1), but the big thing has been this war in gaming. Yes, war is the right word. In short, the video game community has been systematically ripping itself apart. I’ve watched on the sidelines as people in industry were abused and harassed to the point of leaving. Disproportionally, women were attacked, driven out, told they were not welcome in the world of games. These are people I’ve followed and respected for some time now. And you know what? Fuck that. Fuck all that.

This entire thing simply motivates me to work harder, to do more. I get to deal with some level of misogyny on a daily basis, simply because I’m a woman (especially at my day job). I’m not always the target of it, but it does affect me. I’m not going to change the world by myself, but I can be part of the larger solution. I belong here just like anybody else. I love the gaming community. I love making and playing games. I’m not going to stop doing what I love.


ODD BIRD: Badges for your fandoms!

It’s here, it’s here! I’ve started my very own Kickstarter!

I’ve been working on this for quite some time now between work and on my lunch breaks, but it’s finally ready to show everyone.

Basically, what I’m hoping to do is produce a bunch of high quality metal badges for fellow fans to wear and show off their love for different tv shows, video games, etc.

If you have some free time, please check it out! I’m currently working on more stuff for additional stretch goals such as posters and sticker sheets.

Johann Sebastian Joust in the Park!



We’re having a game night! We’ll be playing J.S. Joust in the park, right at sunset. It’s free for anyone to join, but we do ask that you RSVP if you’re planning on joining us (it’s polite and helps us plan).

When: August 29th, 7:30pm to whenever.

Where: Loose Park, meet at the Pavilion.

Who: Hosted by Crossroads Game Lab, for you!

Bring: You and your friends’ game faces.

Don’t forget! This is coming up soon, so let us know if you’ll be there!




Purrkour is a great Unreal Engine 4 powered cat parkour game where you frolic, pounce, and claw your way through an expensive pad, in pursuit of every cat’s dream – getting someplace really high.

Much like Catlateral Damage, there’s a great amount of fun to be had from smashing up your owners apartment, with paintings, vases, bottles and glasses all ready to feel your feline wrath.  In Purrkour, You’re also given objectives, such as claiming cardboard boxes for your own or collecting kitty coins in hidden or hard to reach areas.  To manage these objectives you you’ll need to use your purrkour skills, including a comical looking jump, wall running and climbing up walls with your claws.

Purrkour was created for the rpgmakerweb Indie Game Contest and is still early in development, with plans to further develop the parkour systems and add new content and levels.  It’s already thoroughly enjoyable though - It’s such good fun being a bad cat.

Play the Alpha, Free

(note: the real cat gif is courtesy of animalsbeingdicks)

Oh my god it’s like the Goat Simulator except fukkin cattes.


Wanna play this. Meow.

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